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Annuncio Vendita immobili all'estero

Titolo annuncio: Vigneto in Franciacorta

Sottotitolo annuncio: Investire nello spumante italiano

Data: 06/07/2020

Tipo inserzione: VENDO

Citta': Provaglio D'Iseo

Provincia: Brescia

Email: sarabriancesco(x)

Sito web:

Keywords: Vigneto, Franciacorta, investimento, spumante, affare

Testo inserzione: Territorial context : Franciacorta, land of production of the most famous Italian sparkling wines, 17.6 million bottles sold by the producers of the area in the year 2019; Wine regulation : see the AGEA circular No.11517 of 13 February 2020 which outlines the complex and restrictive procedure required for the planting of vineyards. In view of the territorial context and of the regulations in place, the proposed land, 26000 sqm, of pinot noir at the maximum of its production being in the 13th year after its planting, annual production: 300 quintals for year, 21000 litres of wine, presents a considerable commercial value. Characteristics of pinot noir : it gives structure and longevity to reserves and millesimates and it is an indispensable component for Franciacorta rose'; Exact location : map 50, 52 and 53 Municipality of Provaglio D'Iseo (Bs) Status : rented with the possibility of immediate termination of the contract

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