A wonderful agricultural estate for sale with 137.840 square

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Titolo annuncio: A wonderful agricultural estate for sale with 137.840 square

Sottotitolo annuncio: For sale

Data: 21/12/2017

Tipo inserzione: VENDO

Citta': Viguzzolo

Provincia: Alessandria

Email: 08lc69(x)gmail.com

Sito web: https://youtu.be/ZUK7pCtZDr8

Keywords: pepepepe69

Testo inserzione: A wonderful agricultural estate for sale with 137.840 square meters of land planted with vineyards and fruit, with ......... ....... Annexed two agricultural sheds and pond to the property absolutely TO VISIT !!! The lot insists on two Municipalities, and more precisely in the SOUTH of the Municipality of Viguzzolo and north of the Municipality of Sarezzano, both in the Province of Alessandria.  The total area is 137.840 square meters. There are two agricultural sheds built in the late '70s with prefabricated structures in c.l.s. in good condition of conservation, of which one with height of about 6 mt. with an area of ​​143.00 square meters. to use tool shed closed on three sides, with appurtenant area of ​​1,107.00 square meters. The second building is 175.00 square meters for storage use, closed on four sides and equipped with iron windows, with maximum height of mt. 5.00 at the height and minimum 3.00 meters, with courtyard of 465.00 square meters. There is also a pond of 2,748.00 square meters. with depth of about 4 meters. and capacity of about 10,000 cubic meters usable for agricultural needs, the water supply is carried out by means of a Rio present on site, with an exclusive property gate, so as to independently manage the capacity of the reservoir, in addition the pond is equipped with an exhaust pipe , managed by a confluent sluice in the neighboring Torrente Grue. The surface of 137.840 square meters. from cadastral Visure, they are divided into the qualities listed below: VINEYARD square meters 27.100,00 (see distinctions) FRUTTETI mq. 68.509.00 (see distinctions) PASCOLO mq. 19340.00 SEMINATIVO mq. 1,610.00 INCOLTO mq. 9370.00 BOSCO mq. 5,000.00 Pond mq. 2,748.00 and 10,000 cubic meters from P.R.G.C. of Viguzzolo the Lotto falls area And Agricultural Areas (Art.27 NTA) from P.R.G.C. of Sarezzano the Lotto falls area Agricola (Art.21 NTA) Possibility to buy Villa from mq. 340.00 within the lots in question. DENOMINATION OF CONTROLLED ORIGIN "COLLI TORTONESI" Production area of ​​the grapes The area of ​​production of grapes suitable for obtaining wines with a registered designation of origin "Colli Tortonesi" includes the hills of the Tortonese hills of the territories of the municipalities of Sarezzano, and Viguzzolo. Denomination and wines The controlled denomination of origin "Colli Tortonesi" is reserved for wines that meet the conditions and requirements set forth in this product specification, for the following types, additional specifications or mentions, in the vineyards subject to sale, the following qualities of grapes are produced: Red wines:  "Colli Tortonesi" Barbera;  "Colli Tortonesi" Croatina; "Colli Tortonesi" Freisa and Merlot White wines: "Colli Tortonesi" Cortese;   Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay Ampelographic base 1. The denomination of controlled origin "Colli Tortonesi" with the specification White and White sparkling and 'reserved for wines made from grapes, not aromatic, coming from vineyards in the field company the following ampelographic composition: Cortese Chardonnay and Sauvignon. 2.The protected designation of origin "Colli Tortonesi" followed by the indication "Rosso", "Rosso Frizzante" and "Novello" are reserved for wines made from black, non-aromatic grapes, from the following vines, present in the company: Barbera Freisa Cabernet Sauvignon Croatina Merlot. 3.The denomination of controlled origin "Colli Tortonesi" followed by the indication "Chiaretto" e "Chiaretto Frizzante" is reserved for wines made from black grapes from the following vines, present in the business environment: Barbera Freisa Cabernet Sauvignon Croatina Merlot. PRODUCTION OF ORCHARDS: - Susino plants in lots in common of Sarezzano While in the municipality of Viguzzolo - Apricot plants - Peach plants Both typical valuable fruits of the area of ​​the Basso Grue Worth noting The festival on the last Sunday of July, at the fruit market area once, currently housed in the picturesque and panoramic setting of our hills, at the new equipped area of ​​the hill of San Bartolomeo in Viguzzolo The festival is dedicated to fishing , the typical fruit of the area. The event takes place between the afternoon and the evening of the fourth Sunday of July, at the height of the fruiting season. It includes the tasting of dishes based on fishing (renowned the risotto with peach), with the presence of banquets of agricultural and typical products, and a dance evening. It has been held since 1984.

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